What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Continuing on with the burnout series.girl no back What to Do When You Dont Know What to Do

What to do?

Burnout can often come when you are so overwhelmed with information, possibilities, and ideas that you have no idea where to go next. It’s like planning a vacation, but you’re not sure where you want to go, when you want to leave or return, how you want to get there, or what you want to see along the way. Mountains? Beach? Safari? Skiing? It’s all on the table. [Read more...]

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How to Beat a Lack of Progress

We are moving on with our series on overcoming burnout.

Are You Suffering From a Lack of Progress?Fotolia 1130758 XS How to Beat a Lack of Progress

There’s a reason that a hamster running on a wheel inside a mesh cage has become western civilization’s icon of a wasted, purposeless life. Who wants to work so hard, day after day, just to remain in the same place? Unfortunately, this is how a lot of us feel about our lives: That we work and work and work and never make any progress or move any closer to our dreams. And that’s a sure-fire recipe for burnout.

While that may be okay when you’re at the gym and your goal is just to get in a quick workout, it’s no way to live a life. To have a fulfilling life, or month, or day, you need to have goals and have a sense of making progress towards them. We’ll cover goals and goal-setting in a future section, but for now let’s talk about the importance of progress.

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