3 Ways to Improve Your Writing

I have a guest post up on how to improve your writing skills.  You might not be writing a novel, but you probably have to do some sort of writing Fotolia 50625553 XS 190x300 3 Ways to Improve Your Writingin your life.

Being able to write well and productively will help you out.  Go ahead and check it out ->  3 Bad Writing Techniques That are Killing Your Writing and Productivity and How to Fix Them.







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lack of vision

Do You Suffer from a Lack of Vision

Lack of Vision Continuing on with our series on beating burnout. So you feel like you’re making progress, and you regularly take breaks to let your batteries recharge, but you still feel a general malaise and a lack of motivation. What gives? The answer may lie in your end goal. You may think, “I know […]

lack of progress

How to Beat a Lack of Progress

We are moving on with our series on overcoming burnout. Are You Suffering From a Lack of Progress? There’s a reason that a hamster running on a wheel inside a mesh cage has become western civilization’s icon of a wasted, purposeless life. Who wants to work so hard, day after day, just to remain in […]

Keep Calm and Just Get Er Done


Here’s a series on burnout that I have permission to print here. High achievers are at the biggest risk for burnout. I have seen it everywhere – on SF teams, in business, in school. Burnout Burnout is like pornography; you may not be able to define it, but you definitely know it when you see […]

Keep Calm and Just Get Er Done

The Enemy of Doubt

The Enemy of Doubt Your enemy in getting what you want in your life is doubt. Doubt is the dream killer. The problem is that we rack up failures like medals and wear them on our shirt or pull them out every time we want to venture into the unknown. I have doubted myself. I […]

to do list

Following Your To Do List

Following Your To Do List Let’s say you’re out walking your dog (no dog? No problem. We’re playing make believe here.). You reach the corner and just as you’re about to cross the street, a car pulls alongside you. The driver leans over and rolls down the window. “Excuse me,” he says. “I’m looking for […]


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