Get ER Done - The Green Beret Guide to Productivity

Get ER Done - The Green Beret Guide to Productivity

There is a lot to do in life. Whether at home, work, or during your spare time, something is always demanding your time and energy. I’m sure you feel overwhelmed at times. Don’t you wish you could be more productive?

Mike Martel uses his real-life experiences as a Green Beret to illustrate how you can use these principles and techniques in your life to Get Er Done. Being extremely effective in your daily life is a skill you can learn, and Mike will show you how!

Get the eBook for only $7.95 with an immediate dowload!  

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What People Are Saying:

“Hello, I don’t often review books although I read many of them. This book was great because their was no fluff. It took 30 to 45 minutes to read, and everything was applicable to life, especially if you use a little creativity. I have read mostly psychology books and everything in here fit right in with what I know about psychology and neuroplasticity, but there was no explanation as to why it works in the book. 

I guess there is no need to explain why it works if it works, especially in an organization such as the military, where efficiency is key, and there is no room for theory. 

Great value, especially the kindle edition. I thought the title was cheesy, “get er done”, but I was pleasantly surprised, the book gets er done…quickly.”

C. Groves - Amazon Reader

“This is an example of good things coming in small packages. The author covers principles that include Backward Planning, Reducing Distractions (which includes more than the obvious), Muscle Memory, Point of No Return, Be a Trained Observer and more. The methods presented can assist with the skills bulleted in the blurb description.  

Many of the principles can work for any business from small, like my own, to larger companies and projects. The Backward Planning makes great sense for meeting project deadlines. It is a system I sort of used in the past but now will use even more. Also I can see good uses for the muscle memory… practice, practice and practice.  

I particularly think that the tips on observation apply to any relationship and every situation. I also liked The Commander’s Intent which acknowledges that the commander is ultimately responsible for success or failure. It also says that the Commander identifies the desired result but the team can use their basic training or imaginative contingencies to complete the mission. I recognize that sometimes I am obsessive in my own routines – that fits for the muscle memory. But when I train others I try to be more flexible. I say “This is how I do it because these steps work for me. But if you can set up a system that works better for you, then that is acceptable, as long as you get the desired results.” I love the statement: “adapt, improvise and overcome.””

MSEREADS - Amazon Reader

“Wow…Simple. Concise. Easy to read…and easy to implement! 

Michael Martel hit a home run with this book. His experience in the military provides for a great background to being productive.

As a Green Beret it could easily be a matter of life and death. In our normal everyday lives…it’s a matter of life and death. 

When you want to know some compelling strategies for being productive just read GETer Done!”

Kieran Murray - Amazon Reader

What's this all about?

There’s just too much to do!!!  

There is a lot to do at home or at work. Sometimes it just feels overwhelming. Don’t you wish you could be more productive?  

The Special Forces Green Berets are known as masters at getting things done. By normal standards, some of their missions would be deemed impossible.  

Often times they are expected to operate far behind enemy lines with limited resources. Their training gives them principles and techniques in being extremely effective and doing more with less. By using some of their principles you will be able to:  

  • Plan and use your time more effectively
  • Increase your confidence Reduce distractions
  • Train for success Improve commitment
  • and much more  

The Secret of the Special Forces  

In the Special Forces, Get Er Done was simply a way of life. One of Special Forces’ mottos is “improvise, adapt, overcome.” The concept is that we would take the situation as it was. There wasn’t time or energy to waste on bemoaning what it should be. We would then take the skills we had, learn very quickly, or could purchase and get er done. The end result was most often success. The process might not follow the original plan. Because we approached things with the mindset of success we stacked the deck and found the resources to make it happen.  

Fast Steps for Personal or Business Success  

In reality, us in the super achieving, get er done Special Forces have the same amount of time in their days as anyone. Their secret is that we learned techniques to make ourselves highly effective. I decided to share ten of the best techniques that people could use to get them started getting things done quickly and effectively. I made it an easy, quick read. I know that the last thing you need is to be faced with a fifty page chapter on the benefits of goal setting, or a whole book on making to-do lists.  

What you need are techniques that you can use quickly and get instant results from. The answers were out there, but more often they took a lot of sweat and pain to learn them the hard way. Over the years in my training I came across techniques that worked for me and others and kept them in my “mental toolbox.” I am making it super easy for you and giving you the tools to Get Er Done.  

Taking control of your life doesn’t have to be difficult…  

Get Er Done – The Green Beret Guide to Productivity gives you principles from which you will get amazing results and find you are performing at levels you never thought possible. It is a simple, easy-to-read system that gives you a workable, proven list of things you can put in action, right now and have positive results in getting things done. Some will fit your personality, some won’t. It is for you to pick from and apply them immediately.  

There is no heavy reading and no long dialogue to struggle through. Just useful information that you will use instantly to take total control of your life. You’ll see results from day one, and by the end of a month you will wonder why getting things done ever seemed to be a problem.  

…Or Expensive  

How much is it worth to you to have an extra productive hour a day? What value can you put on increasing your productivity? Can success or achievement be bought at any price? In the US the Federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour. “Get Er Done – The Green Beret Guide to Productivity” will give you at least an extra hour a day of usable, achievement-focused time. And not just for one day, but for the rest of your life! What price should I put on that? If I only asked you for the minimum wage for one hour a day for one month it would work out to $224.75 and that’s a bargain in anyone’s book. And I bet you value your time at a whole lot more than minimum wage! But you and I both know that I’m not going to ask you for that much – even though it would be worth every penny. This eBook version of “Get Er Done – The Green Beret Guide to Productivity”is just $7.95  

Act now!  

Putting off taking action is a big part of the problem and“Get Er Done – The Green Beret Guide to Productivity” can only help you if you take action to get your copy – right now. Delay, and you may end up paying more – but more importantly, every day you delay will be another day that you are overwhelmed by all the things that have to get done. So don’t bookmark this page. Don’t save it to your favorites list. You know as well as I do you will end off putting this off and never find it again.

About the Author

Mike Martel helps people get organized, set goals, and achieve more than they ever thought possible.  

Mike is a retired Special Forces Green Beret. What is a Green Beret? A Green Beret is a member of the United States Special Forces, a special section of the U.S. Army that focuses on Unconventional Warfare. The Green Berets are usually the first ones sent into an area to gather intelligence, help citizens or organize rescue missions. One of the slogans of the Green Berets is "improvise, adapt, and overcome." Mike excelled as a Green Beret because of his ability to think creatively about situations and because of the value he puts on personal productivity.  

After retiring from the Special Forces, Michael joined the business world in Information Technolgy. In business, he excelled and noticed that there were several areas of his business that could be improved by applying some of the tactics he learned in Special Forces. Mike restructured work groups and applied many of his lessons of productivity. Since then, Mike has managed business units with budgets of upwards of $70 to $100 million, and they all used many of his Special Forces techniques.  

Michael has a hands on approach to productivity, which will allow anyone to change their habits, get rid of busy work, and become strategic about the way they accomplish whatever they want!  

Michael found his military training and skills in getting things done were very relevant and useful in helping people get the results they want in all areas of their business and personal lives. His books, reports, and hot-to guides cover many different areas. He lives with his wife in Washington State, south of Seattle.