The Shocking Truth about Productivity

I talk a lot about productivity and getting things done here at this blog.  Everyone wants to do more in their life.  They want to be able to mange their time more effectively. They want to get things done well and Fotolia 48857878 XS thumb The Shocking Truth about Productivitymove on to the next task, project quickly and effectively.

Many people can never seem to get their time management under control.

Is this You?

The Real Problem

But productivity and time management, isn’t your real problem.

The truth is the real problem is lack -  lack of reasons you have to.

There is no real connection between what you want in life and the steps necessary to get there.

The Mission

I am often asked why the Special Force are known for getting things done.  We improvised, adapted, overcame what ever necessary to get the mission accomplished.

We trained for and executed missions where peoples lives depended on the success of the mission – our own lives included. I know it sounds trite, but failure was not an option.

The steps (tasks, projects) we took were all tied to the success of the mission.  That meant we had to get them done. The key is necessity.

Your Goals

How would it be if you established some BAGs (Big Ass Goals) in your life?  Then changed your mindset where you knew those things that have to get done are tied to the BAG.  How do you think that would affect your productivity and time management?

Take the time to sit down and think about what you want – really, want. It might be more time with the family, either at home or on a special vacation.  It might be a better house, a new car.  It might be a different lifestyle.  These are your mission.  Mission comes first, everything else comes last.

When ever I am asked about time management, I ask about a person’s goals.  With great goals, people tend to get er done.


What are your goals that you will use to drive your effectiveness?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Rebekah Jones says

    Hi Mike,

    You’re really on to something here. goals=motivation. Great reminder – thanks!

    I’m not fond of your BAG definition but that’s just my personal opinion. :)

    • Mike Martel says

      Hi Rebekah,
      Glad you like the post and that it could help you. There are other definitions for BAGs, I just picked the first one that came to mind. :-)

  2. says

    It’s amazing what we accomplish when failure is not an option.

    If I look to all my greatest achievements, in all cases, there was definitely a theme of “failure is not an option.”

    In fact, I was on time, on budget, high impact, for more than a decade simply because I didn’t know we were allowed to be any other way. Luckily, I never learned the bad behaviors, and my own internalization of the constraints helped me get more resourceful over the years.

    • Mike Martel says

      Hi J.D.,
      Yes, I always have said that people do extraordinary things in extraordinary circumstances.

      Glad that you liked the post.

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